Sakala Review

A month before Sanday hit, our Mom died. After the storm, we interviewed 6 realtors. Personally, I had already sold 5 homes in the past, but none of them were now located in a possible flood zone based on new Government and Insurance rules, so my brother and I needed guidance through these turbulent times. After the interviews, Dawn Rainforth stood out as a professional, ready with a presentation, and suggestions for the next steps. So we hired Dawn. As the months went by conditions changed. Dawn made suggestions to us to help market the house with her help. We sold it as soon as the we updgraded the interior and disposed of the furniture for a move in condition. As to communications, Dawn was always available to text and email back. She helped with suggestions on local contractors and also had a keen eye as to the decorating colors and styles. All this, taken with our open mind to do this work and make these interior improvements is what led us to sell the house. I highly recommend Dawn as a realtor for you. She’s flexible, gives great input both positive and negative, and won’t push you to a place or upgrade that’s not needed. Interview her last! 🙂

— The Sakala's